The 2014 route will be launched soon, below is the 2013 route:

Maseru Time Trial:

24 km, 550m Ascent,


FINISH from 11am – 3pm @ LESOTHO SUN



The Lesotho Sky team is proud to announce an exciting time trial through the streets of Maseru. Starting and finishing at the Lesotho Sun. This brings the Lesotho Sky to the people of Lesotho, up close for everyone to see and support. The tight and twisty route is really exiting for the rider and spectator alike. Expect to feel like a rock star on this opening stage of the Lesotho Sky.

Stage 1: Roma to Ramabanta:

80km 2200m Ascent,

Start: Roma Trading Post

Finish: Ramabanta Trading Post

The first stage of the Lesotho Sky is a tough one. A short steep climb out of the Roma valley in the first 5km warms up your legs before the undulating few hills that bring you to the much feared Bushman’s Pass. Don’t worry, we riding up the tar this year. ;) You will ride down the other side on some awesome single track and into the Machaleng river Valley. This beautiful road takes you through a very special piece of Lesotho. Rural villages with early spring blossoms on the peach trees will great you and invigorate your legs before the major challenge of the day. The 3 witches Pass. Once over the top you the road turns down the valley once again on some single track that just begs you to hammer it… but save some energy for Nkesi’s Pass the last obstacle between you and the number 1 lodge of 2012, Ramabanta trading post; your home for 2 nights.

Stage 2 Ramabanta Loop:

53km 1500m Ascent

Start and Finish: Ramabanta Trading post

This stage will bring some completely new terrain to the veteran Lesotho Sky rider. Your legs will get a very quick warm up as you head up Nkesi Pass for the second time. When you crest the top you branch off down to the Mahalaneng River below and to the other side of the valley. With a breath taking climb that takes you up to the 1st water point of the day. The next few km are heaps of fun, and relatively flat riding for a change before plunging back down to the river and up a very steep climb back to the top that will be sure to test your tired legs. You aren’t there yet though and you still have “Bruce’s sting in the tail” to contend with before relaxing on Ramabanta’s spectacular lawns for the afternoon.

Stage 3: Ramabanta to Malealea,

70km 1700m Ascent

Start: Rambanta Trading Post

Finish: Malealea Lodge

One of the highlights of last year this stage is a real test this late in the event. Riding south down the Machaleng River valley before tackling the technical section of the day. A switch back decent down to the riverside single track that takes you to the bottom of the steep technical climb into the vibrant village of Thusong. After the first Water point you are off on an open sand road which will come as a great relief to your legs. The rolling hills into Malealea will dead even the most lively of legs so save a little for the last 20km. It is all well worth it though as Malealea Lodge its coffee shop and unbelievable food lie in wait. Rest well here as tomorrow is the big day…

Stage 4: Malealea to Roma.

88km 1750m Ascent

Start: Malealea Lodge

Finish: Roma Trading Post

Probably the best 88km I have ever spent on a bike with endless single track and climbs alike. The first obstacle is Gates of Paradise pass a spectacular road with great views over the lodge. From there you branch off the beaten path and onto a series of single tracks through little villages and the Village of Ha Ramashabe, the water point and home to the Lesotho sky community project so expect a very warm welcome… From Ha Ramashabe you head up toward Thaba Tele a huge mountain landmark and ultimately on to the highest point of the day, Ha Tlali. The village where the riders last year sort refuge in a barn from the crazy storm that swept through that day. From Ha Tlali is all downhill… well sort of ;) with some really fun single track to take you back home to Roma Trading Post.

Stage 5: The Roma Amphitheater.

51km 1250m Ascent

Start and Finish: The Roma Trading Post

Last year’s rider’s favourite stage, the last stage of the Lesotho Sky 2013 is an absolute cracker. The first 5km of the day your legs will be tested on some real steep climbs. Let’s hope they have recovered a bit from the previous day. At the top you will find the first water point in wait just before the days ride gets really fun. The famous supertubes, some killer climbs amazing views and really fun single track take you to the summit of the day’s stage and water point 2. The last half of the stage is really fun with a spot of technicality here and there to keep you on your toes. Enjoy yourself and take in the scenery as it’s the last day and a cold Maluti awaits on the finish line….

With LOVE from the Mountain Kingdom