The Malealea Monster

Now an established part of the Lesotho MTB calendar the Malealea Monster is a route and yearly race pioneered by the Malealea lodge manager Michael Deutschmann. Through some great knowledge of the area and innovative work with the local community the route is a sensational array of well maintained trails, unrelenting climbs and truly breathtaking views. Lesotho Sky riders will experience the monster’s fury during the race.

Mervyn Bosworth-Smith, founder of Malealea, Trading Station in the early 1900’s – now Malealea Lodge – made an inscription on a rock at the Gates of Paradise Pass, not far from the lodge:


There will probably not be plenty of “pausing” going around on this day of the race. Relative short in distance, this stage is perfectly set up to bring out the monster in you.

Back at the Malealea lodge, one can chill after a monstrous ride, with fellow riders around a fire with a Maluti court in hand, you will welcome the hospitality and good company for the evening.


Malealea Monster

It’s one way to the monster, do a wheelie. In 2015, Darryn Stow made the Malealea Monster look like a puppy.

Malealea Monster

The hospitality of the lodge is truly something special. Riders will feel right at home.


Malealea Monster

No, this is not the Malealea Monster. This is Jonty, the friendly boerboel at the Malealea Lodge.