The all new Lesotho Sky 2018 route forms part of exciting new changes we are implementing to improve the event as a whole. This year. we will base ourselves around our home in the mountains at Roma Trading Post Lodge and for the 8th year in a row at Malealea Lodge.

The route in general will cater for a wide range of marathon riding styles. From the diesel engines who love a long and slow climb, the solo adventures, the XCO racing snakes, to the more gnarly Enduro style riders who shred a rocky downhill as if it is a bowl of coco pops. Race director Darol “Paincave” Howes has put together great balance of long, gruelling trails and fun flowing section that will make you turn around to ride it again and again.   There will be ample downhill time to make the most of your new dropper seat post and enough climbs to make you wish you were still riding a 2X10 the gear ratio.

Highlights on the route includes national Lesotho landmarks such as Thaba Bosiu, the fortress of the first king of Lesotho, King Moshoeshoe I and Qiloane, a small pointy mountain that inspired the Basotho hat. It is clearly visible from the King Moshoeshoe’s Court on top of Thaba Bosiu. The route will also pass the recently constructed Metolong dam, that supplies much of Maseru and Lesotho’s lowlands with water. The last time we rode up this way we passed a section of the Phuthiatsana River, that is now completely under water.

The race will feature some old favourites such as The Malealea Monster, Gates of Paradise Pass and the ever present view of Thabana Li Mele.

With only two travelling days, backed by the warm hospitality of Malealea Lodge and the awesome vibe at Roma Trading Post, riders can look forward to more comfort, less hassle, better service and most of all some amazing riding.

Lesotho Sky 2018 route profile


Lesotho Sky 2018 Day 1