A brand new route packed with MTB stoke awaits the 100 riders who entered for the 2017 Lesotho Sky. If you are passionate about old school mountain biking in Africa then the Lesotho Sky is your Ride of Passage. We’ve got 376 kms of ancient mountain trails and 9050m elevation to break your MTB bucket list for good.

2 – 7 October 2017


The 2017 Lesotho Sky stage race will be a race steeped in African history and mountain bike stoke. From legends of cannibals to the fortress-mountain where King Moshoeshoe forged his kingdom. As always, the route will be as old school as it gets. The Lesotho Sky is as close as you will get to riding ancient mountain trails made by nature and everyday life in Africa.  Compared to previous years, we are stoked to announce that we’ve turned the race on its head, literally.

The legendary six day route is going to be in reverse, meaning that we have changed the direction of all the prominent stages of previous years back to front. The good news is that all the climbs that broke your heart in the past, are now rad descents. The bad news is obvious, the crazy downhills are now “you-must-be-kidding” climbs. We will also be spending two nights at our new home of cycling in Lesotho: Roma Trading Post Lodge.


Ramabanta Loop

Ramabanta to Roma  (Old route in reverse)

Roma Loop (Brand new route)

Roma to Malealea  (Old route in reverse)

Malealea to Ramabanta  (Old route in reverse)

Semonkong Loop