10 – 12 October 2024

Lesotho Sky 

Your Mountain Biking Ride of Passage

Lesotho Sky is a 3-day stage mountain bike adventure. It is a fully supported event, including accommodation, meals, water points and medical support along the route. The only thing that we leave untouched is the route, because in Lesotho we are blessed to have Mother Nature and rural life in Africa as our two main route builders. You will ride on donkey trails, sought-after 4X4 tracks, sandstone ridges, naturally formed supertube single tracks, footpaths and through some of Africa’s most impressive mountain passes.

E-Bike? Yes baby!

Yes, you can race Lesotho Sky 2019 on an E-bike!   Hate going up, but love coming down? We've got good news. After numerous requests, we've given in to the growing demand for an e-bike stage race category. Now we know that some of the more old school moustache...

Adventures on a Silverback in Lesotho – Day 6

Day 6 - Hail To the Howes Today was the best mountain trails I’ve ever been on and the first time this week that I felt one with the bike. I’m surprised that it took me a while to get used to the feel of a new bike and looking back, I should have spent more time on...

Race Report: Lesotho Sky 2018 – Day 6

Lesotho Sky Day 6 - Rocking Roma We finished the 8th edition of Lesotho Sky on a high, literally. This stage’s route took riders all the way up to the top of Thaba Chitja to ride the most epic contour trails. The first 8km was the typical tough climbing Lesotho Sky is...

Adventures on a Silverback in Lesotho – Day 5

Day 5 - The silent trek to Roma Have you noticed how quiet people get when they ride far and long? When they start off, it’s usually in a chatter, but as the road gets longer and the climbs steeper, your bike takes you beyond the noise to a still place inside...

Race Report: Lesotho Sky 2018 – Day 5

Lesotho Sky Day 5 - Malealea to Roma Day 5 was a true old school mountain bike day, with a strong dose of new school right at the end. We found a new route to bring riders into Roma, which included a bit of hike-a-bike and gnarly rocky descents. The day was marked by...

Adventures on a Silverback in Lesotho – Day 3

Day 4 - Malealea Monster Where did your bike take you today? Mine took me on an epic roundtrip in Malealea, Lesotho. Today’s route piggybacked on an established Lesotho mountainbike event, called the Malealea Monster.  It’s a 55km route that loops in a figure eight...

Race Report: Lesotho Sky 2018 – Day 4

Lesotho Sky Day 4 - Malealea Monster Today was a big day for Lesotho cycling. Tumelo Makae and Phetetso Monese of Alliance Insurance took their first stage win of the week. It is Makae’s first ever stage win here at Lesotho. Makae was noticeably disappointed after...

Adventures on a Silverback in Lesotho – Day 3

Day 3 - Malealea Loop It was supposed to be a rest day, but it became my toughest day on the bike. The route was awesome and the trails were some of the best I’ve ever ridden, but I just could not get my legs to work and my mind to focus. I felt as if something was...

Race Report: Lesotho Sky 2018 – Day 3

Lesotho Sky Day 3 - Malealea Loop The third day of Lesotho Sky 2018 was a short and fast-paced day. It suited the XCO riders the best, while old diesel engines huffed and puffed to keep up with the frenetic pace. The route followed existing trails around Roma, but...

Adventures on a Silverback in Lesotho – Day 2

Day 2 - Roma to Malealea I knew today was going to take me to a dark place. After 5 hours my body was like: “Dude, you usually get off this thing after 55 minutes and then do some push-ups in the room where the gym keeps all those balls!” The ride The first 30km was a...

"It's just magic."

– Hedwig Lemmer

"Amazing mountain biking - technical, fun and rough. Beautiful scenery. Just a great country to ride in. "

– Anton Simpson

"Most amazing trails I've ever ridden. "

– Mike Anderson

"Absolutely insane. It's the best stage race with the best vibe. "

– Kylie Hanekom

"It's probably the only stage race with soul."

– Ila Stow

"Nice and technical, proper riding. Good balance of everything with beautiful scenery. People are friendly, it's an amazing experience. "

– Danie van Tonder

"Six days of stoke... "

– Chris Nieuwoudt

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