From the route to what to pack, all the information will be on this page. We will update it closer to the start of the Race.


Registration takes place on Sunday 18 September 2022 at the Ramabanta Trading Post Lodge (-29.666316089550808, 27.797317321649604).  All riders will complete the registration process, which includes completing and submitting the Participant Waiver & Disclaimer forms. During registration, you will receive your race package and accommodation instructions.

Riders must please remember to present some sort of photo identification document (driver’s license, passport or ID book) as proof of identity.

Teams have to register together. Provision will be made for the odd latecomer, because sometimes people lose track of time driving through the awesomeness that is Lesotho.

If a team has not registered, they will not be allowed to start.


Sunday 18 September 2022: 16:00 – 18:00
Ramabanta Trading Post.


Sunday 18 September 2022: 20:00 – 21:00
The race briefing is at the Ramabanta Trading Post.
Attendance is compulsory, as vital information regarding the race, will be given.


Monday 19 September 2022
Ramabanta Trading Post: 08:00am


Download the PDF to view all the info about transportation and accommodation prior to the race

Remember to pack





Action Cam

Cell Phone

Lock for bag and tent


Bum Cream

Rain Jacket

Sleeping Bag (If camping)





Equipment Advice


Lesotho is a rough place to ride and as such you should make sure your bike is in good condition. I recommend that a harder tyre is better and a tubeless setup a must. My favorite tyres for Lesotho are (in no particular order): Geax Saguaro, Continental Mountain King II, Continental X-King, Onza and purely for the bullet proof sidewalls the Maxxis Crossmark (although not the best for gnarly trails.)


From the very first Lesotho Sky we have given the GPS route to our riders to use as reference. The route was always marked. This year however we are moving over to full GPS navigation. As such it is important that all riders know what is going on and have some sort of GPS device that works for them. You will require a GPS otherwise you will get lostView the GPS Guide.


Total days: 6
Total distance: +/- 330km
Total Elevation: +/- 7500m

The official route for the 11th edition of Lesotho Sky will be launched soon…..

Historic Places

Working closely with the local community, we scout for ridable trails created over centuries by real life in Lesotho. The whole route is steeped in Basotho culture and history, bringing riders to the edge of sacred places such as the legendary mountain fortress of Thaba Bosiu

Sky-High Altitude

Lesotho is one of the highest countries in the world, and is known as The Kingdom in Sky. The 330 km route will average just south of 10 000 metres in total elevation, reaching altitudes above 2 000 metres above sea level. The first days of the race especially will give your lungs and legs a real test!

Natural Trails

We are spoiled with some of the best natural trails in the world. On any given section a rider will have a multitude of line options, whether you’re going up or down. Our philosophy is to leave the trail as raw as possible to experience a style of riding unlike any other mountain bike stage race in Southern Africa.

GPS Coordinated

Since 2016, the Lesotho Sky is a fully GPS coordinated stage race. We only mark the route on dangerous sections or places where the riding is so rad that we would hate ourselves if you struggled to find the trail and missed out. Please take a look at our gps guide.

To get a better understanding of how the Lesotho Sky 2022 route profile would look, you can take a look at the profiles of previous events:


Lesotho Sky is a small mountain bike stage race with a big vibe.

Basotho Culture

From crowds of school children cheering you on to the warm Basotho hospitality in the communities and at the lodges where you will stay, you will experience the true magic of Lesotho during your visit: its people.

Trails For Days

With our raw trails and multiple line options available, there is no bottlenecking in our single tracks. You will experience mountain bike trails unlike anything in your backyard or other mountain bike event.

Awesome Vibe

After a day of amazing riding, you’ll experience the legendary Lesotho Sky vibe in the company of passionate mountain bikers and supporters from all over the globe.

Great Hospitality

The race is based at two legendary Lesotho lodges: Malealea Lodge and Roma Trading Post Lodge. You will be treated to good food, cold beer and hands-on hospitality.