DATES: 11 – 16 SEPTEMBER 2023


– 7 nights accommodation, 3x meals a day (breakfast, lunch & dinner)
– 5 riding days + 1 moving/rest day = 6 days of REAL mountain biking
– amazing options for supporters & families including rock pools, water falls, shorter rides, pony treks, trail runs & hikes (booked separately on request)
– Limited to 20 riders
– Transport of luggage between the base camps
– The 1st night (Sunday, 10th Sept. 2023) BEFORE the first stage and the 7th night AFTER the final stage (Saturday, 16th Sept. 2023) are included in your package. You don’t want to miss out on the legendary bonfire night and leave relaxed, after breakfast, on Sunday morning.
– A challenging route with optional strava segments. Timing is not compulsory. Prizes awarded at discretion of organisers.
– 1 or 2 water points per day with plenty of drinks, water and a variety of snacks sweet and savoury
– A world-class GPS mountain bike route
– 4×4 Safety vehicles including professional medical support.
– Professional Bike Guides from Lesotho (there will be 3 groups for slow, medium & fast riders) If you manage to beat the fastest rider from Lesotho, you may expect a special award. Note: Basotho riders are not only fast but will keep you good company and make sure every rider (and bicycle) makes it to the finish

– A daily route briefing with pictures from the days riding.
– A Professional photographer will capture epic scenery, culture and of course amazing riding shots. Various formats of the media crews work will be available to you after the event.
– An experience of a lifetime riding though villages (eagerly awaiting your arrival) and breathtaking roads, single track, goat paths under the watchful eye of the Maluti Mountains.
– Mechanical support provided by Lesotho Bike Hangar: included is a daily wash & lube. Spare parts or major servicing will be charged at fair rates for labour and parts.
– Massage and physio services (30min – 45min daily massage is included), extra may be booked and paid if space is available
– Basotho riders are not only fast but will keep you good company and make sure every rider (and bicycle) makes it to the finish


You are welcome with your E-Bike, a full suspension is a MUST. Lesotho’s trails are technically demanding and you should be comfortable with riding up and down steep and narrow single track. Regardless of which bike you ride, this is NOT a ride for beginners. The longest stage is approx 60km and should you require an additional battery you may give it to the water point crew.

– Airport transfers to/from Maseru International Airport (MSU), Johannesburg O.R. Tambo (JNB) or Bloemfontein (BFN)
– Transfers to/from the start of the event for riders WITHOUT their own vehicle
– Additional drinks, snacks at the base camps
– Alcoholic beverages at the base camps

Prices for 7 nights, 3 meals a day:

Riders solo lodged : R 29 950 PP
Riders sharing lodged : R 28 900 PP
Supporters sharing lodged : 7000 PP (sharing, incl. meals)







1. Riders
1.1 Minimum age of participation is 16 years on first day of the event.
1.2 Riders must be in good health and well trained.
1.3 Lesotho Sky does not assess riders, it is in the riders’ own responsibility to ensure they are well trained and healthy.

2. Medical
2.1 During the race, the Lesotho Sky Medical Officer/s reserves the right to withdraw a rider who is not deemed physically capable of continuing the days stage.
2.2 Any medical expenses incurred will be for the competitor’s account and the competitor’s responsibility to pay.
2.3 All competitors need comprehensive medical aid which will cover any medical expense which may be incurred whilst participating in Lesotho Sky. Please note Lesotho is a foreign country and your medical aid must be prepared to pay for injuries/illness costs that have occurred/been acquired in Lesotho and/or South Africa.

3. Bicycle
3.1 Only ”fully serviced” Mountain bikes will be allowed to start each day of the event. “fully serviced” referrers to the following:
• Bicycles must be in good working order.
• Bicycles must be marked with the supplied Lesotho sky number boards.
3.2 Maintenance of bicycles during the race is the responsibility of each rider.
3.3 Bike repair services will be provided at various camps/lodges of the Lesotho Sky event and basic services are available at the water points 

4. Helmets and Clothing
4.1 All riders must wear a helmet at all times of the event.
4.2 All helmets must comply with international “ANSI” standards.
4.3 Appropriate riding attire must be worn at all times.
4.4 It is recommended that eye protection and fully enclosed footwear be worn.

5. Rider Identification & Timing
5.1 Bike numbers must be firmly fixed on the front of the bike, and must not be obscured by cables or any other item.
5.2. There is no official timing of the Lesotho Sky Event.
5.3. The start time of each day will be communicated at the briefing. The event will start, regardless of if you are late.
5.4. There are various Strava segments along the routes every day. Prizes will be awarded for a variety of categories, e.g. fastest time on a down-hill, up-hill or flow segment. Strava is not compulsory

6. Compulsory Equipment
These items must be considered the bare minimum, and it is strongly recommended that riders ensure that they are fully prepared to deal with emergencies they may encounter. The following items must, however, be carried by the team during the event:
7.1 First Aid Kit – consisting of a minimum of:
7.1.1 Foil survival blanket/Space blanket
7.1.2 First Aid Dressings x 3
7.1.3 Adhesive first aid plasters x 5
7.1.4 Sun-block with a minimum SPF factor of 30
7.2 Any riders on specific personal medications are responsible for supplying and carrying such medication.
7.3 At least 2 liters liquid capacity per rider
7.4 Multi-tool or bike repair tools
7.5 Mobile telephone that has connection to a Lesotho mobile network (local SIM cards will be provided at registration)

8. Route and Stages
8.1 Riders must complete the full designated route and distance of all stages.
8.2 Only riders to complete all stages are considered to be finishers of the Lesotho Sky Event.
8.3 The official route of the Lesotho Sky is a GPS route. There will be markers but only as reference.
8.4 Riders may be required to hand in their GPS for inspection after the finish of a stage.

9. Checkpoints along the route
9.1 In each stage, there will be mandatory checkpoints, usually at the water points.
9.2 All riders need to check-in with the crew.
9.3 Some of the checkpoints can be in local shops, you may buy what you like and encouraged to do so. A cold coke goes down a treat. Supporting local businesses is part of Lesotho Sky’s goals.

10. Etiquette
10.1 Riders are to be courteous towards fellow riders, crew and locals at all times.
10.2 All regular traffic regulations must be observed at all times during the event.
10.3 No littering or unnecessary damage to the environment will be tolerated and can result in immediate exclusion.
Where any additional rule interpretation is required, or where specific provision for any incident has not been made in these rules, the decision of the event director will be final.