The Botsoela Waterfall

The Botsoela waterfall near Malealea is one of the many Lesotho landmarks to feature during the Lesotho Sky stage race. The Malealea Lodge offers guided pony treks to this breathtakingly beautiful site that will turn any yoke into stoke. A quick Google search will lead to a number of great reviews about the lodge and the falls. Like this one.

This year, the race starts with a classic Lesotho Sky stage that takes riders on a great journey all the way from Ramabanta to Malealea. The Botsoela waterfall features at the end of the stage on a popular 4×4 trail with amazing views.

Racing snakes will probably not hang around to appreciate the views for too long, because the steep climb from the falls to the top near the Malealea lodge is the STRAVA section for Day 1. Embrace your inner beast to tackle the strenuous Botsoela climb, followed by a fast downhill. One thing is for sure in Lesotho and that is that there is no even ground.

At the end of the day, riders will pull into the very accommodating Malealea lodge to enjoy a relaxing chat with fellow riders and Maluti court around the fire. It’s just another day in paradise.

Botsoela Waterfall in Lesotho