We took hands with Velosolutions and Have A Good One to bring you the first Pump For Peace project in Africa – a one of its kind pump track in Roma.

The mountain bike kingdom has recently opened its first pump track in Roma and it kicks ass. It is part of a global initiative by Velosolutions called Pump For Peace. It invites athletes and musicians to develop sport and musical talents in developing countries. Their big and bold dream is to help build a more healthier, tolerant and peaceful world. All over the globe, these tracks have become social hot spots for young and old, pro and novice, people from all kinds of backgrounds.

The pump track at Roma consists of a 1000 square meter asphalt surface, loaded with jumps, berms and turns that will leave you grinning for days on end.

To help make this dream a reality, various people had to work together. Velosolutions, who was the main sponsor, took hands with Have A Good One and Lesotho Sky to get the pump track on track. Finding other local Lesotho partners and community support was not difficult, due to a shared vision to promote sport and tourism in Lesotho. In true Lesotho style, the track was launched in mid-April with massive party. Kids from all over came to experience this awesome new addition to their community.

Sky Adventures, the organisers of Lesotho Sky, recently took over the management of the Roma Trading Post Lodge. With this brand new pump track and it now also being the base camp for one of Africa’s most breathtaking MTB events, tourism and cycling in and around Roma are sure to grow in the years to come.

“There is nothing better than seeing hundreds of children mixed with all kinds of people, all having fun together on something we’ve built. Our pump tracks have become places where tolerance is learned and lived.” – Claudio Caluori Founder of Velosolutions.


Claudio Caluori Founder of Velosolutions showing off his dope skills.