A big part of the Lesotho Sky stage race revolves around the history of the Lesotho trading post. Two of the well know historical tradings are at Roma and Ramabanta. Starting and eventually finishing at the Ramabanta Trading Post, the race follows the ancient trade routes of the trading posts.  From Malealea, the race goes all the way to the trading post at Roma. (Check out this awesome video of The Ramabanta Loop)

“For most of the 20th century, trading posts were the primary centers of commerce in the country’s high mountains and remote villages. Imagine establishing and running these commercial outposts a century ago, when roads were rare and building materials were transported by donkey; this entailed bravery and hardship on the mountain kingdom’s wild frontiers.” (Source: Afktravel.com)
Key to the existence of trading posts in Lesotho is the Thorn family. John Thorn, affectionally known as Ha Baseane by the Basotho people, established Roma Trading Post in 1903 and lived there until his death in 1957. Today the 5th generation of Thorns grow up in this scenic place among the rocky foothills of the Maloti Mountains. Little it seems, has changed since “Baseane” arrived in 1903 to establish his base shop for pioneering his trade into the blue Maloti’s. (Source: Tradingpost.co.za)

Ashley Thorn, 5th generation Basotho family and the owners of Roma and Ramabanta Trading Post Lodges. A living legend, who has helped us tremendously with building Lesotho Sky since our first year in 2011. Photo credit: Wayne Reiche


Photo credit: Wayne Reiche