Makhalaneng River

The Lesotho Sky race, criss-cross and snakes alongside one of Lesotho’s beautiful rivers, The Makhaleng.

The river originates north-west of the 2886 m high Machache in the Maluti Mountains. It flows south-west across the Lesotho Highlands past the towns and villages of Molimo-Nthuse, Makhaleng, Ramabanta and Qaba, flowing into the Orange River at the international border by the Free State near the Makhaleng Bridge. The valley of the river forms part of the approach to several mountain passes, notably, the God Help Me Pass and the Gates of Paradise Pass. The Makhaleng has three main tributaries the Makhalaneng, the Qhoqhoane and the Khibiting. (Source: Wikipedia)

Riders can enjoy a lovely ride with challenges along the Makhaleng river. A fun and enjoyable leg of the race will make you fall in love with the beautiful Lesotho landscape and its hidden challenges.


Photo credit: Cherie Vale