During the stage race, riders will traverse the most prominent landmark during the Lesotho Sky stage race – Thaba Li Mele, also known as Nipple Mountain. Keen observers and regular Lesotho Sky riders will know that the outline of this mountain peak inspired the Lesotho Sky logo. Some say that it also served as the inspiration behind the famous Basotho hat. (Source: Footprint)
Check out this awesome video of last year’s journey to the top of Nipple Mountain.
This small country holds so much beauty and grace that each of us can take with us when we leave, being able to take part in a mountain biking race in the mountainous kingdom is both a privilege and honour. There is no doubt about it, the friendships you make and the smiles you share are one in a million and will keep you coming back year after year. The Lesotho culture will have such an impact on you, that you will not want to leave. You have been warned.