E-Bike? Yes baby!

Yes, you can race Lesotho Sky 2019 on an E-bike!

Hate going up, but love coming down? We’ve got good news. After numerous requests, we’ve given in to the growing demand for an e-bike stage race category. Now we know that some of the more old school moustache growing hardtailers will think we went soft. The truth is, we want more people to experience the amazing Lesotho trails we get to ride everyday. For the upcoming event (23 – 28 September 2019) we’ve created a special e-bike category. This will give e-bike fanatics a chance to experience a unique e-bike stage race that is known for challenging and technical trails.

e-bike stage race

Yes baby!

During the 2018 event we had our first ever rider on an e-bike. Ila Stow and her husband Darryn entered the event as part of our media team tasked to document the event from the trails up. Leading up to the race Ila approached us with the good news of her pregnancy. She was still very keen on being involved in the event, but being 4 months pregnant on a mountainbike riding some of the most challenging trails in the world is not ideal. Allowing her to take part in the race on an e-bike made it possible for her to not only complete the whole event, but keep up with her husband and fellow riders’ pace so that they can race at their own pace.

How it will work:


  1. E bikes will compete as a separate category.
  2. Available for teams & solo
  3. If one bike in your team is an e-bike your team will be classified an e-bike team
  4. No extra costs
  5. Battery support at selected waterpoints and overnight charging facilities for camping entries.
  6. No mixed e-bike team etc. You are either e-bike or you not. We like to keep things simple in Lesotho.
  7. To find out more about the entries: Click here.
  8. And to enter: Click here.

e-bike stage race

e-bike stage race